Groundhogs Under a Building

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Dear Sir,
Thanks for the compliment on my web site!

As far as getting rid of those hogs under the house, you have a few options. One is, you could get one of those HAVE A HART traps and catch em. Probably you can use fresh lettuce leaves or such for bait. Once you catch him you will have to carry him away and give him to somebody else. Or pop him in the head with a .22.

What I would do is learn when he usually comes out and be waiting on him with a .22 rifle. Better yet a rifle in the new 17 hm2 or 17 hmr rounds. They will dispatch the hog very well and in case you miss the bullet will less likely ricochet because of the bullet design. I personally would use the 17 HMR as it has a longer range so you can get further away from the hole so you won't spook him as easily. If you can just park a vehicle within 100 yards of the hole and set inside with a cold drink and wait for your target to appear. Make sure your 17 hmr is zeroed dead on @ 100 yards for a dead on hold.

Also make sure no one is around so they don't accidentally get in your shooting path. After you think you have em all, fill in the hole so they will be less likely to come back.

Hope this helps! Good luck!







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